Qatar responds to Van Gaal’s criticism: “It’s ridiculous to say that”

“The World Cup there is absurd,” Van Gaal told a news conference on Monday. “That we’re supposed to play in a country, to allow football to develop there, that’s nonsense. It’s only about money and business interests in FIFA.”


“For someone who has a lot of experience and knows the power of football, it is ridiculous to make such a frank statement,” Hassan Al Thawadi, head of the tournament’s organizing committee, said in an interview with beINSports from Wangal.

“We are sure Van Gaal has done very little research on what football means to Qatar and the Arab world. If he had spent some time looking at the impact of the Arab Cup recently, and the passion of Arab peoples, for what football means to us.. then it is not It is ridiculous for an Arab country to host the World Cup.”

“It is time for the Arab world to find a place in the global football community,” Al Thawadi said. “Our passion is unparalleled. Just as our country’s ability to organize such a tournament. That’s also what the Dutch and within the KNVB think.”

‘in the spotlight’

A few months ago, the country hosted its first Arab Football Cup, with Qatar taking third place. Currently, the country ranks 52nd in the FIFA World Ranking, the highest ever.

“The Arab world deserves to be in the spotlight. We have worked hard to get to this stage. There is no need to apologize for that.”

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