Qbuzz: More attention to hidden disabilities

SLIEDRECHT/REGIO – On Monday, April 17, 2023, transportation company Qbuzz said it will make public transportation more accessible in various ways. Qbuzz is therefore a partner of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in the Netherlands and recognizes sunflower rope on buses and trains. This includes travelers with, for example, autism, ADHD, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, dementia, and anxiety visual or auditory disturbances,” says Qbuzz spokesperson Gea de Rie. The carrier Sunflower Keycord is offering for free in the shop in Dordrecht.

By wearing this lanyard, travelers are showing that they have a hidden disability and need more attention or space. (Photo by Qbuzz)

According to De Re, people with hidden disabilities regularly encounter misunderstanding. De Rai: “Their disability is not visible at first glance and is therefore not recognised. The hidden disability sunflower is an internationally recognized symbol that ensures that these people will be seen and get more of the attention, space, time or rest they need. Qbuzz staff is happy to help such travelers. It can be as simple as giving more time, sitting on the bus, or assistance getting on and off.” Disabled travelers should also feel safe and comfortable on the bus or train.

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