“QR code requirements for employees in care useless” • Shanghai Disneyland has been closed for two days

Disneyland in the Chinese city of Shanghai has been closed for two days, because a person who visited the theme park on Saturday tested positive on Sunday. 34,000 visitors had to leave the park, but not after standing in line for hours to get tested. Each person tested negative and, as far as is known, no employee has been infected. “It appears that the reaction has been somewhat overreacted by authorities who have been terrified of a new outbreak for some time,” reporter Schord Dean Das said in a statement. Radio NOS1 News.

Just before the end of the week, two more trains on their way to Beijing were stopped. On both trains it was a railway employee who had been in contact with someone who was found to have Covid. They themselves did not become infected, nor hundreds of passengers, but they all had to quarantine for a week. “This is what you can encounter in China today,” says Dean Das.

There are currently 59 cases in China. Spread over ten provinces. “For China, that’s a very large number. They don’t take any risks,” Dean Das said. State-owned companies and government departments are banning their employees from traveling and schools are asking parents to keep their children at home after they leave the house. “China remains closed and President Xi Jinping will not be joining the Glasgow Climate Summit for this reason. He is sending a video message.”

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