Queen Maxima’s brooch steals the show during a working visit in Washington and New York

As Special Advocate for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Her Majesty the Queen does not sit idly by. For example, you recently attended ING to deliver a speech on equity in financial services, and last week visited Washington, DC, and New York. She was here to talk about financial health, digital financial services and financial education. She does it in style as usual – with this accessory.

Queen Maxima wears Valentino to the Olympic Reception>

Maxima in Washington DC and New York

In the US, the Queen spoke with Janet Yellen, 75, who is part of Biden’s cabinet as US Treasury Secretary. She also sat around the table with the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres. They discussed the question of how to create more financial equality and how to make this measurable – in fact, not the lightest of topics. But with Maxima’s background in economics and experience as a former employee of Deutsche Bank in New York, she knows how to approach these topics. Deal

Fortunately, in addition to economic and financial strategies, we can also talk about its appearance – because, of course, it did not go unnoticed. Máxima opted for a sober black look with pants and a blouse from fashion house Natan. But Maxima wouldn’t be Maxima if you didn’t add something to this. She wears an oversized silver brooch – the largest she’s ever worn – sparkles in the US and shakes hands with Janet Yellen and Antonio Guterres like a true strong woman.

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