Questions about filling the vacant space in the demolished Limbrichterveld apartment

Photo: SGN

Two years ago, the former third apartment on the Eisenhowerstraat on the Limbrechterfeld in Sittard was dismantled and demolished.

At that time, a survey was conducted among the residents about the use of the space that had become available, possibly by ZOwonen. Local residents were asked what ideas they had for using the site.

In response, the municipal council party GroenLinks-PvdA wrote a number of questions to the municipal executive.

The faction wants to know if the board of directors is aware of this survey among the population and what has been done with the results of the survey. The GroenLinks-PvdA faction considers that a (temporary) implementation could be of added value for the Limbrichterveld region and asks if the Board of Directors shares this view and if so, what role does ZOwonen play in this and what role does the municipality play in this?

The faction is considering a skate park suitable for children between the ages of 8 and 13. There is an opportunity to play in the neighborhood for young children. A little further on is Holleweg Skate Park, but this is less suitable for children aged between 8 and 13. The faction wants to know if this aligns with what the residents put forward at the time and if there are other suitable ideas.

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