Quinton Carols is going to study and play football in the United States

Quinton Carrolls, 22, of Bruges, left for the United States on August 5 to study for one and a half years at Carson-Newman University in Jefferson, Tennessee. He will play football for Carson-Newman’s college team, which plays in the highly respected NCAA League, the National College Athletic Association. For the best athletes, these tournaments offer springboards to the highest level, such as NBA basketball.

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Quinton, 22, is the son of former club Bruce Blair Ignas Carrolls and grandson of Albert ‘Burton’ Carrolls, who has been the goalkeeper for the Blue-Blacks for fifteen years. Quinton played as a contemporary at Club Bruce, among others, now Jelly Bottell in Antwerp and Robbie D’Hace from Austen, but moved to Circle Bruce in the U14. Sergill) and Louis DeClerk (R. F. C. Nakke) and later Oliver Scholard and Arne Gazzard, who are currently part of the Circle Brugge A-Team. Due to the green-black discharge, Quinton chose Cavi Courtridge in mid-2015. He was there for nine months with a serious knee injury. This was followed by the promises of KV Oostende and KSV Roeselare. As a high-speed striker, he was also an international youth in the past. Whiteland Quinton studied sports management at the VIVS University of Applied Science and in recent years has been active in futsal at ZVC Rapid Subs from Beernem. Now he is going to try his football luck in the United States. “After Rosellere was declared bankrupt, I could not immediately find a new team and was severely affected by the Covit-19,” he says. “That’s why I tried to focus on my studies.” A good friend of Carrolls who owns a company in the United States told him: ‘Why don’t you try the United States, it’s a hugely emerging football country professionally’. “That evening I saw Kings Talent’s Instagram page and decided to sign up.” Before leaving the United States for the first time outside of Europe, Quinton was not yet out of Europe. There were many schools that watched his video footage with interest. Images created by Kingstaland. “I was very impressed with Carson-Newman,” says Brooklyn. “The coach I spoke to was friendly and immediately explained his plans to me when I went to Carson-Newman. We came to an agreement very quickly. (ACR)

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