Qunun Shaman refuses to eat in the cell: “He can only bear organic.” abroad

That reports ABC15. Angeli gained international fame shortly after the Capitol Storm. So his name was on the FBI’s most wanted list. He decided to surrender himself upon his return from Washington.

Angeli is considered a “shaman lawn” and a follower of conspiracy theories in which Donald Trump goes to war as a kind of contemporary messiah against a corrupt “deep state”. He was also often at pro-Trump rallies. Of course, in premium equipment.

hunger strike

Angeli very sure. I am not afraid at all because I have not broken any laws. “I walked through open doors,” he said through a video link in the first session. Illegal entry into buildings like the Capitol is considered a major violation in the United States.

His defense on Monday came with a cool fact: The shaman has a very restricted diet. He hasn’t eaten since he was imprisoned. The judge found this to be “extremely disturbing”. Justice must now search for a solution with defense. The prosecutors reply: “We will obey the judge’s ruling.”


What it looks like? She learns inquiries with Shaman’s mother Angeli that it’s an organic diet. “He gets really sick when he eats inorganic food,” mother Martha Chansley told reporters. “You literally get bodily sick.” Mother Chansley defended her son’s actions and the assault that left five people dead, in an interview. Her son is “my homeland” and “the sweetest person I know.”

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