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A former Quote 500 millionaire is said to have knowingly endangered public health by selling contaminated raw materials as animal feed. The extremely high levels of mercury and pesticides could have been covered up by falsifying certificates.

The allegations are included in the summons against suspect Peter B., who must appear in court in the coming weeks. A spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service said: “It is the largest investigation to date by the Investigative Service IOD of the Dutch Consumer and Food Safety Authority.”

According to the judiciary, the processing and recycling of fat in which the suspect specialized was a stinking business in several respects. One of the blame relates to a batch of raw materials used for animal feed containing 100 times more mercury than the law allows. Another batch was contaminated with more than five hundred times the maximum level of metalaxyl; Fungicide.

human consumption

Rather than commit to reporting such contaminants, B.R. of forging papers and returning contaminated goods to the animal feed channel between 2014 and 2016, according to the Public Prosecution. If cows, pigs, or chickens eat this feed, the material may also have reached human consumption.

Whether or not public health is really at stake, the Public Prosecution Service does not want to say before the Attorney General issues his closing statement. Justice charges the suspect with irresponsible risk due to the unsafe handling of animal fat. In addition to B., his former companies Kuminda BV, Noba BV, Rotie BV, Simadan Holding BV and BDA BV were also included in the recall.

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200 million

According to Business Magazine, he has been a recycling entrepreneur, with initiatives in biodiesel and cross-border investments quotes In 2020 he is still good for a capital of €200m. According to the first session, which was held on Thursday, B. did not return. He owns the aforementioned companies and his residence is in Bonaire.

Justice does not see b. As a successful businessman, but as the founder and leader of a criminal organization. The club committed environmental crimes and fraud in order not to be caught, according to the OM. Attorney Marilyn Feltweiss says her client “does not have any questions pending investigation [van media] The answers.” The judge probably won’t rule until the summer.

This is not the first time that a fat processing company has been discredited. In 1999, the dioxin crisis arose in Belgium after contaminated oil was turned into raw material for animal feed in a fat smelter. Then two thousand farms were closed, and seven million chickens and 60,000 pigs were culled as a precaution.

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