RaceRanger focuses on drawing information: ‘We do not create rules’

The first ‘basic version’ was tested during the WTCS Finals in Lausanne in 2019, after which we worked hard on all the feedback, meanwhile updates are still being made on RaceRanger, which basically helps prevent drafts, but actually provides more. Possibilities. Co-founder & CEO James Elvery stopped by for a demonstration in our office.

The journey is long – Elvary comes from New Zealand – but it doesn’t just go through the Netherlands. Elvary has been in Europe for several weeks, staying there for a while, talking to as many concerned parties as possible and showing them what the Ranger has or at least worth the extra value.

The Ranger is a system that allows athletes to fit two UWB trackers (ultraviolet, more accurate than GPS, ed.) On their bikes – one on the front fork and one under or below the seat – to see if you are riding within the draft. Zone. There is a light on the tracker under the seatpost that illuminates when the athlete behind it is very close – for example, setting a firm within twenty or twelve meters – so that the person must immediately overtake or keep his feet still. Again to increase the distance.

* In the video below, you first see the UWB trackers on the bike, and then the dynamic light as the UWB tracker (conducted by Elvary in this case) enters the 12m draft zone.

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Good detail; The refereeing forum looks through an app and receives notifications when athletes are still drafting. Truly; There are complete views of how often an athlete drove very close to the vehicle in front of him, how many minutes he stayed in total and how many times an athlete overtook him neatly and on time. Several ‘base stations’ will be placed along the track to guarantee links between all trackers and the application. The authorities can immediately specify in the processor which athletes should be fined, which will automatically end up with the officials in the penalty box.

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Penalties can be sent through the Ranger app. (Photo: 3athlon.nl)

“We do not want to change the rules of triathlon,” Elvary explains. This means that our organization only provides additional information to the authorities. They need to know for themselves what they are doing with that information. Of course we do not make rules; That is what the unions are doing. We only provide insight into what happens during a match.

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UWB trackers are fitted to the bike. (Photo: 3athlon.nl)

The possibilities are also very detailed. For example, officers can communicate with each other through the Ranger processor, add photos if athletes are violated, and, thanks to UWB tracking, can show the public exactly where ‘their’ athlete is. “We hope that eventually we will start working with timing companies,” says Elvary, who now hopes to primarily promote triathlon associations and competition organizations. “It’s all about information. We can provide it very easily.

Ranger UWB tracker in front battle. (Photo: 3athlon.nl)

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