‘Radio Hamilton’s all silent for the show, he’s getting a very competitive car’

Jane Griffink

Lewis Hamilton is still shining in absence, but according to telegraph You don’t have to worry that he will end his brilliant career. Britain’s Morning Post reported to some insiders and concluded that the radio silence around Hamilton was “for show only”.

Hamilton was headed for his eighth world title in Abu Dhabi, but the safety car and the attendant race management options left a new championship still burning. Max Verstappen managed to overtake Hamilton on the last lap of the race and thus secure his first world title. He left Hamilton defeated and has not been heard from since. Rumor has it that Stevenage’s driver is considering retirement. Insiders say this nonsense telegraph wire.

Hamilton gives a presentation on the possibility of retirement

Most insiders spoke to the British Morning Post, which has been published in the UK since 1855, but few believed in Hamilton’s quick retirement. Someone said the current radio silence from Hamilton and Mercedes is “all for show” and that the seven-time world champion is only used to bring about change at the FIA. It will also make the first episode of the new season of Drive to Survive on Netflix even more exciting.

An insider shares this view and states that Hamilton will be involved again next season and will also fight for the title again. “It’s all part of the drama. The truth is that Lewis is going to have a very competitive car this year. And he has 50 million reasons (his contract value) to stay. Anyway, if he retired he would have said that a long time ago, right? Otherwise he’s going back to his team, Because they have no options (as an alternative).”

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