Rainbow expressions were suddenly allowed again at the World Cup in Qatar

In Wales’ second group match at the World Cup in Qatar, this morning against Iran, fans in rainbow caps and flags were suddenly welcomed onto the field once again. This was announced by the Football Association of Wales.

This means that rainbow expressions during the next match of the Dutch national team, this afternoon against Ecuador, are also possible. It is not clear why this form of protest against the situation in Qatar was suddenly permitted.

Rejecting the rainbow in all its forms in the Qatar World Cup

In the first match against the United States, many Welsh fans, including caps in rainbow colours, were refused entry to the stadium. “We have received confirmation from FIFA that rainbow caps and flags are permitted on the pitch. All pitches have been notified,” the Football Association of Wales said.

Earlier this week, a Wales fan was seen in Qatar in astonishment. She wore a hat and was banned from the soccer field when her country faced America. It wasn’t really clear if she deliberately chose the rainbow, or if it was just “colorful,” but that might have been the case. In any case, the headdress had to be removed.

During this World Cup, there is a lot to be done about expressions promoting inclusion. The leaders of the Netherlands, Germany, England, Wales, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark wanted to play in Qatar with a special OneLove captain’s armband. However, FIFA announced that yellow cards would follow, after which the national associations decided to abandon the plan.

No protest with OneLove Band

The Netherlands, England and Wales waived a stadium protest today against the ban on wearing the OneLove captain’s armband (which KNVB sinned earlier). Both England manager Gareth Southgate and Wales team mate Rob Page want their footballers to focus on the sport itself. And Louis van Gaal, coach of the Orange national team, indicated in a press conference that he and his team no longer want to distract attention and that the focus should be on the world title. The Dutch national team has previously met migrant workers in Qatar. The players talked to them and played a soccer match.

Earlier this week, the German national team covered their mouths in a team photo in protest of the situation in Qatar. Iran squad did not sing during the national anthem, but that had something to do with the terrible scenes in their country.

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Rainbow expressions were suddenly allowed again at the World Cup in Qatar with Wales – Iran

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