Ralph Seuntjens Free from Lymphoma: Unreal, Relieved and Incredibly Grateful | sports

After a difficult year, Ralf Seuntjens can finally report on the good news. The former NAC’er says via Instagram that his lymph node resuscitation is gone. “Unreal, relieved and incredibly grateful,” are the words he uses to express his feelings.

the Shawn God Briefly outline what has happened in recent months. “What a tough year it’s been for me. After my chemotherapy, I was confident the results would be good in November. Unfortunately, the scan in November was uncertain and they assumed a repeat. A new scan was done last week and the miracle was there, because the node carcinoma activity The lymph is over.

“I can and maybe look to the future again,” one Breda resident continued. “I want to thank everyone for the tremendous support,” he concluded.

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“Everything is getting blurry”

Last year, Seuntjens was outspoken About his illness and the moment he learned he had cancer. “It was as if everything around me had frozen. Everything had become a blur. You see, all of a sudden you were alone in a dim tunnel. I went out and sat on a bench. Totally alone.”

How great that support and sympathy became evident in the months Seuntjens battled his illness. Among other things, then NAC goalkeeper Nick Oleg spoke of how his world came crashing down when the news broke. “He is very popular. Rest assured he will recover.”

But there was also, for example, the movement of fifteen NAC supporters who went into the water for him at Swim to Fight Cancer in Prinsenbeek and raised 30 thousand euros. NAC has also committed itself to swimming to fight cancer in the Breda canals.

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