Rangers Scottish Football Club welcomes sponsorship of cryptocurrency

Rangers FC, one of the most successful football clubs in Europe (with the most titles of any European club), has announced a partnership with Turkey’s cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading platform.

Rangers of special icons

The embrace and announcement of the cryptocurrency took another leap forward this week as Rangers Football Club announced a partnership with Turkey’s Bitcoin Trading Platform (BTC).

Rangers Football Club, With 115 (!) Victories in competition in his name, he will work with Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Bitci Technology. The collaboration will continue until the end of the 2022-2023 season and the Bitci brand will appear on the club’s kit. The club will also launch a Rangers fan icon as part of the deal.

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Started from below (soort van dan)

Rangers is one of the oldest (founded 1872) and most successful football teams in Europe. Although the club plays in the little-known Scottish Premier League (the club had to return from the lowest tier in Scotland not long ago after its bankruptcy), in normal times the Rangers draw over 50,000 fans to the stadium every week. Rangers have fan clubs in Sudan, Australia, Spain, USA and abroad.

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James Bisgrove, Rangers Marketing Director, welcomed the partnership with Bitci Technology “It will have an immediate and positive impact on the continued growth of commercial revenues,” Bisgrove noted.

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Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in the city

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