Rankings and registration for the first BeNeCup competition in Met

The Dutch and Belgian Super Bowl (BeNeCup) will start on March 11th and 12th in Mittete, Belgium. Meanwhile, changes have occurred, including new class names.

to sign up
It is important for Dutch BeNeCup riders to first apply for a KNMV starting licence for Supermoto. You will then need to create an account on the website of the Belgian Motorcycle Federation via this link: https://fmbsupermoto.ris-timing.be/index.php?. You can do this by selecting “Register” at the top, after which you can also register for the competition at the Mettet and all subsequent competitions. Good to know: For all foreign competitions, you must register via FMB-BMB. All information, including special regulations, can also be found via the link above.

If you still have questions about the registration procedure, feel free to contact us via KNMV Supermoto’s Facebook page. If you have any questions about licensing, please contact the KNMV at [email protected]

New class labels:
Almost all of the classes have had their names changed and a few have been introduced too! All classes are run on circuits with asphalt and off-road. The Dutch Supermoto Championship (KNMV) will be held with its own classification of the Belgian Federation (FMB-BMB), with Dutch riders automatically competing for the BeNeCup titles.

  • Inters: The first chapter this season will be called S1 It goes through life and contains riders who have previously competed for Inters (now S1-Inters) and Euros (now S1-Euros). In practice, S1-Inters and S1-Euros ride together, but each in its own classification, counting for the Dutch championship S1-Inters and S1-Euros.
  • Citizens: This category will be renamed to S2. This class will feature most of the drivers, as the Nationals class has now been combined with the Rookie class. In practice, the riders will be divided into 3 training groups based on their training times. After qualification, these groups will be redistributed and starting grids established. The names of these three common classes are: S2 Open, S2 Challenger A, S2 Challenger B. The Dutch Championship will not discriminate in these categories. Dutch rides for the Dutch Supermoto S2 Champion title.
  • S3 It becomes a new class for machines up to 125 cc 2-stroke and 250 cc 4-stroke. Electric motorcycles and motorcycles of the “native” type are also allowed to participate. Top 3 Dutch classified riders in the Netherlands S3 Championship.
  • 4 S It is a new class for juniors with a cylinder capacity of up to 85 cc2. Top 3 Dutch racers classified in the Holland S4 Championship.
  • classic It is a new category that can be entered with motorcycles manufactured until 2004. The engine capacity is free and the minimum age for drivers is 30 years. The Vintage class will be ridden with seniors. This tournament has no NK title and is held only during overseas competitions.
  • the elderly Still the senior class. Although the minimum age for drivers has been raised to 40. The Vintage class will ride with the Vintage class. This tournament has no NK title and is held only during overseas competitions.
  • Finally, the quads Back to schedule, subject to sufficient licensees/registrations.

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