Record number of refugees crossing the Channel into the UK | Currently

Britain’s Ministry of Defense saw a record number of refugees cross the Channel on Monday. Authorities registered 1,295 migrants who crossed the waters between England and France within 24 hours.

The new daily record is not an isolated fact. The British have seen a sharp increase in the number of refugees traveling to the UK for some time.

So far this year 22,670 immigrants have been registered, nearly double the number at the same time last year. In all of 2021, 28,526 refugees were counted. This year, the authorities expect the total number to reach 60,000.

The previous day’s record was 1,185 people. It happened in November 2021.

Earlier this year, British authorities said they expected the number of refugees to fall sharply, as a large network of people smugglers was dismantled. According to Europol, the European police service, that network was responsible for the transit of ten thousand refugees in a year and a half.

More and more illegal refugees across the channel

Since 2020, more and more migrants are trying to reach the UK illegally via the Channel. There are many attempts, especially in the summer. Then the weather is usually good.

The UK is trying to reduce the number of attempts with strict measures. For example, people smugglers have been handed harsher sentences and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has drawn up a plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

The upside is causing tensions between the UK and France. The British government says the French are not doing enough to prevent boat migration.

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According to the French police, not all boats can be stopped due to the large numbers of migrants and the long coastline. The smugglers also know how to evade security. The accusation comes from Paris that British labor laws encourage boat migrants.

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