Record time for umiles; Wijmenga does not reach the end | 1 Limburg

Bo Ummels set a new personal record during the half marathon in Dresden. Roel Wijmenga did not reach the end at the full marathon distance.

Bo Ummels ran to a new personal high during a well-built half marathon in Dresden.

25 seconds improvement
The Maastricht athlete put a time of 1.12.13 at a distance of 21 kilometers. In doing so, it improved its previous record time by 25 seconds. Omels is the Dutch marathon champion. She won this title during the Amsterdam Marathon in 2019.

No end to Wijmenga
Roel Wijmenga did not make it to the end of the Dresden Marathon. The Maastricht athlete had to leave the race after 22 kilometers in pain.

Complaints earlier this week
At the start of the week, the Limburg runner was already experiencing muscle pain around his hip. Wijmenga has managed to reduce these complaints and even make them completely go away through specific exercises.

Shortly after the start of the Dresden Marathon, complaints of pain returned. So the athlete from the Maastricht Athletics Federation could not complete his movement. As a result, after running 15 kilometers, hamstring stiffness arose. To prevent a long-term injury, Wijmenga decided to leave the race after 22 kilometers.

Wijmenga is so disappointed that he had to stop the match in this way. Due to the balanced training in recent months, he has been in the best condition on terms. “I was still as fresh as a violin,” says Wiginga from Germany. “That makes it very frustrating.”

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