Rector apologizes for clicking on ‘Microaccumination’ site in Cambridge

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In an internal email, Professor Stephen Dope admitted that he had gone too far with the ‘Report and Support’ website. Use of the word ‘examples of things that can be understood as’ microcracking’Girl‘For a woman, misrepresenting one’s gender, asking about one’s origin, getting irritated when someone brings up racism. The site was shut down earlier this week following internal protests and negative publicity.

Criticisms came from the Free Speech Union, a pressure group fighting for freedom of expression in British universities. Open letters appeared in the newspapers in which the staff expressed their concerns about Dope’s course. Commentator Charles Moore writes that Doop wants to turn his alma mater into Xi Jinping’s China.

This site seems to violate the principle that one is innocent until proven otherwise, and there were questions about privacy. Doop now admits he was wrong and has no advice on the content of the click site. According to him, the site was set up with the best of intentions and his aim is to create a safe environment within the educational community for non-white members.

Unrest had already arisen around Dope seeking ‘respect’ for other ideas. After a protest led by the young philosopher Arif Ahmed, he was forced to change the word to ‘tolerance’. In addition, he was already at the center of controversy following the revelation last year that he had raised a quarter of a million pounds from the Chinese state for Jesus College and raised a ton and a half from the controversial Chinese communications company Hawaii. Dope praised Hawaii in the foreword to The Dialogue Center, an organization that seeks to strengthen educational ties between China and the United Kingdom.

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