Red Bull announces partnership with Ford in New York

It increasingly looks like Red Bull will partner with Ford. Milton Keynes will be showing the RB19 in New York on February 3, but Ford will also be in attendance with an upgrade team that day.

Red Bull is looking hard for a partner for the period from 2026. New engine regulations are in force at the time and the Austrian team has yet to find a suitable partner. Porsche was close to striking a deal with Red Bull, but disagreements over control within the team threw a wrench in the works. Honda is also still a competitor, but it looks like they want to go in a different direction. In recent months, Ford has come into the picture and in the aisles rumors have become increasingly persistent that the American marque may become the new partner of Red Bull.

Sustainability and Formula 1

The goal of the sport is to become greener and produce cleaner engines. This falls within Ford’s mission statement, which has itself confirmed that the drive for sustainability and widespread popularity in Formula 1 in the US has made the brand consider a return to the sport. The last time Ford was active in the sport was in 2004 as Jordan’s sponsor.

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Red Bull Ford

Formula 1 journalist Vincenzo Landino charts the matter qualification Announcing the collaboration between Ford and Red Bull Racing during the presentation in New York. “Red Bull has scheduled their NYC launch for February 3rd. I’ve heard from some of my contacts that Ford is sending some content creators and influencers to NYC on the same date. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I’ll say it first here: Red Bull will be announced Bull Ford at the Red Bull F1 paint launch in New York City on Friday,” Landino said.

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