Red Bull F1 on the new duel Hamilton and Verstappen: “You’d prefer a lot of space between those two”

Lars Levtenk

As for Christian Horner’s hooves Lewis Hamilton And the Max Verstappen Not to repeat their title fight in 2023 as in 2021. Team leader Red Bull Racing He hopes there will be “as much difference as possible” between the Briton and the Dutchman after the team’s successful season in 2022.

Red Bull won the world championship in 2022 with Verstappen in a dominant fashion, after he also became world champion in 2021 with the Dutchman. Verstappen has won 15 races, Red Bull a total of 17 out of 22 races and also won the Constructors’ Championship. Red Bull now has six drivers’ championships to its name, something only four other Formula 1 teams can say (williamsAnd the McLarenAnd the Ferrari And the Mercedes).

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in conversation with Talk about sports Horner learned of these statistics. The British can only be proud of it. “Of course they do [records] It is important to look at the quality of the teams we are being compared to. This is incredibly special, especially since we are a relatively young team. What we have achieved in the time we have I think is remarkable and a testament to the people, and the dedication that we have seen from all the staff.”


Where Verstappen had a great and controversial battle with Hamilton in 2021, that will not be the case in 2022. Hamilton could forget his eighth world title after several races, because Mercedes had porpoise problems. As far as Horner is concerned, there is no need for a new duel between Hamilton and Verstappen. “No, not really. I’d rather there was a lot more space between the two!”

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