Red Bull F1 surprised Mercedes was ‘conservative’: ‘This tire has already cost them two victories’

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Christian Horner was surprised mercedes In Mexico, a “conservative” strategy was followed. Red Bull chose the opposite and started the 20th race of the season strong. successfully.

Verstappen and Red Bull have both won championships since the Japanese and US Grand Prixes, but the impulse to take advantage of them more clearly did not disappear this past weekend. Verstappen now holds the record for most victories in a single season with 14 victories. Also, the driver has never scored as many points in a season as Verstappen has this season.

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Reverse Cars, Sports and Sports Red Bull boss Horner said he and his team opted for the aggressive approach by starting on the soft tyre. Mercedes took a different approach. “We were so surprised [Mercedes] He chose such a conservative approach. Dietrich Mateschitz taught us to take risks. This strategy was definitely aggressive. One key is that Max mastered the soft grammar in the first task. He knows just what the band needs. When he got to the pits, there was still plenty of life in him.”


When Red Bull went for the soft and medium tyre, Mercedes did it differently. The main competitor of Red Bull in Mexico, because Ferrari He was absent over the weekend, opting to start the middle frame. Then they went to the hard tire with both Russell and Hamilton doing one stop, but the Red Bull middle lasted longer than Mercedes thought. According to Horner, that was a mistake in Mercedes’ judgment or else it wouldn’t have mattered so much. “This tire cost Mercedes two potential wins. I think with the same strategy we would have won, but they were definitely closer.”

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