Red Bull looks forward to the British Grand Prix and posts a private photo

Formula 1 times: British Grand Prix schedule
Session date The sessions are in Dutch time
First free practice on Friday 16th July 15.30h-16.30h
Qualifiers Friday, July 16 from 7 pm to 8 pm مساء
Third free practice on Saturday 17 July 13.00 – 14.00
Sprint race Saturday 17 July 5:30 pm
Sunday 18th July Race 4pm سباق
How long is an F1 sprint race?
Sprint runs are 100 kilometers long. The Grand Prix usually covers 305 kilometres. The lap on which this distance is achieved is the last lap of the race. Thus, the sprint race at Silverstone will be more than 17 laps. There is also a time limit of 30 minutes. If the race is invalidated for an extended period by a (virtual) safety car, the race will be flagged at the first intersection after these 30 minutes are exceeded.

Will points be awarded for a sprint race?
Yes, points will be awarded to the top three places in a sprint. The winner gets three points, the second number gets two points and the third number gets one point. The goal is to prevent this experience from playing a decisive role in the title race, but the best drivers still have to be rewarded for their performance. Therefore, a limited number of points will be awarded to those who reach the podium. There will be no coronation ceremony, and the winner will receive a small trophy at Park Fermi.

Broadcast of the Formula 1 sprint race at Silverstone
Channel: Ziggo Sport Channel: 14 or Ziggo Sport Totaal Select Broadcast start: 4.45pm Dutch sprint start: 5.30pm Dutch time, 4.30pm local time
Sprint race at Silverstone is broadcast on TV in the Netherlands by Ziggo. Preview begins at 4:45 p.m. Presenter Rob Campo and regular analyst Robert Dornbos look forward from the studio in Hilversum for the first sprint race in F1 history and discuss the highlights of the weekend. Just before 5:30 p.m. they move straight to Silverstone, where commentator Olaf Moll and paleontologist Jack Ploeg report on the race.

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Formula 1 can only be watched on TV in the Netherlands via Ziggo. The provider owns the exclusive broadcasting rights. Customers can watch all training sessions, qualifications, spins and races live via the free channel 14. Those who do not have a subscription with the provider can purchase the Ziggo Sport Totaal payment module. This gives you access to six additional sports channels, including the Racing channel. There you will not only watch Formula 1, but also championships such as DTM, IndyCar, Formula 2, Formula 3 and W Series. A subscription to Ziggo Sport Totaal costs €14.95 per month.

Watch Formula 1 without Ziggo
Those who like to watch Formula 1 but don’t have a Ziggo subscription, have a few legal alternatives. The best option is the official Formula 1 streaming service called F1TV Pro. All training sessions, qualifications and races – including sprint races – are broadcast live here. You can choose your own commentator, including Olaf Mol and Martin Brandl. You also get access to additional features like live timing, a driver tracker, and you can see the onboard cameras for all drivers. Subscription to F1TV Pro costs €64.99 per year.

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