Red Bull will be strong.

The championship battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton continued for three more races. With the Dutchman leading by fourteen points, Hamilton’s powerful engine creates uncertainty at Red Bull Racing. According to Jan Lammers, this is unjustified: “Actually, nothing has changed.”

It has been the lengthy question whether Mercedes wants to charge the grid penalty for parts replacement. Just before the Brazilian Grand Prix, the German racing stable created clarity: The team was to replace Hamilton’s combustion engine, forcing him back five places on the starting grid. In the end, he started the race in 10th place, but it turned out that there was no problem for him to cross the finish line as the number one driver. Hamilton’s speed in particular stood out, as he was much faster compared to the other drivers.

Verstappen, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner expressed their concerns afterwards, but Lammers think this is not necessary. “Where Max won in the US and Mexico, Hamilton was supposed to win there as well. However, Verstappen attracted these races well.” Lammers says in an exclusive interview with GPblog. Refers to the Mexican Grand Prix. “He really went for the first corner there, because he knew the opportunities were there. If he was second in Mexico and I still had to pass him, I would have wanted to see him. So Red Bull’s strategy outperformed Mercedes.”

Verstappen and Hamilton predictions

This weekend, the Formula 1 Circus will travel to Qatar, where another exciting race is scheduled. Since not much can be said about the power ratios of the past, it is difficult to predict the performance of Mercedes and Red Bull. “Max was strong on the twisty part at Interlagos and the fast corners have a Qatar track too. I rode there for the GP Master there about ten years ago, so I tried it myself. Overtaking will be very difficult, but I expect Red Bull to be strong.”

Verstappen and Hamilton remain close to the world championships for now. However, Lammers believes his compatriot has the best cards. “Max doesn’t really need to win all the last three races. Personally, I think he needs another win to win the world title. If he can stay close to Hamilton in the other two races, I’m sure he will. At the same time, Formula 1 is a sport full of details, so it remains to be seen for now.”

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