Red Cross burdened with refugee clothes “Humansword”

Sorting clothes for Heumensoord. © Omrup Gelderland

NIJMEGEN – Eva and Lexia frolic as they sort clothes as if they were picking out new clothes in the store by themselves. Therefore, this is not the least clothing that people have left for the Afghan refugees in Heumensoord.

“That’s the beauty too. There’s something else behind that and there’s also a little bit more feeling, because of course we do it for evacuees who have left the house and the fireplace,” confirms Lixia Emerenciana. With such a sudden departure from Afghanistan, they had to leave everything behind.

See the pictures of the clothing set:

Red Cross burdened with refugee clothes “Humansword”


This is why it’s so essential to dress for them, explains Ria van der Sluis of the Gelderland South Red Cross. These clothes came in large numbers. “There are a lot of people who want to help. We have a lot of questions from people who want to donate everything, so we are very happy about that, but for now we have to put a stop to creating some space.”

Thus, the storage shed in an industrial area in Nijmegen is completely full. And while the employee there applies a rough pick first, the new Red Cross truck always goes outside to bring in more. In the space next to the shed, volunteers neatly sort everything by size and the like.

Student Eva van der Steege: “Yeah, I would love to do that. I had a few days left and then I got a call for this and I thought: OK, that’s cool. Then I do something useful, I feel better about myself and then I can do something for others.”

“This is where you get your happiness”

Lexia has her own company that she keeps busy enough with, but she gives herself a day off for this. “I mean, these people come here, they’ve already left a lot behind. And then it’s so beautiful that you can be so important here together. I think that’s where you finally get to be happy.”

So there are enough clothes for now. “First we want to get rid of our large stocks and when the end comes we will make another call,” explains Rhea. Games, especially outdoor games, are still much needed right now. Strollers and buggies are also more than welcome.

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