Red Lions 3-1 too strong to face Germany: ‘There is still room…

The Red Lions also won their second game of the Olympic hockey tournament in Tokyo on Monday. Germany had to be defeated 3-1.

Cedric Charlier (5th and 7th) quickly gave the Belgians an early lead, who remained on the board until the break. After the break, Alexander Hendrix (35) made the score 3-0 with a penalty kick. In the 51st minute, Martin Hanner scored the final result, also in a penalty kick.

On Saturday, the Belgians defeated the Netherlands 3-1. In Group B, they will also face South Africa (Tuesday), Canada (Thursday) and Great Britain (Friday). The top four qualify for the quarter-finals.

Red lions won’t float after six out of six

The Lions team saw Nicolas de Kerpel withdraw from his position on Monday due to a left ankle injury. “As a result, we were reduced to four in attack and it was hard work,” says Van Opel, who assisted Cedric Charlier 2-0. If you also take cards unnecessarily, it becomes really difficult. Fortunately, we started the game very well with these two early goals.”

“At the international level, it’s really difficult to play with fives in attack and with fours it becomes physically difficult,” Thomas Brills agrees. “We started making technical mistakes because of fatigue. On top of that, we had to change our tactics.

“At some point in the match, we had a tough time,” Victor Wijnes admits. That could be better. But if you score six out of six against Holland and Germany, you can’t complain. Now we have to confirm.

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“Sign immediately for such a start,” said Simon Gugnard. “Physically we were stronger than the Germans. It will depend on us staying fresh until the quarter-finals. That will be the main game. There are still a lot of things we can improve, like some details about the penalty kicks, both offensively and defensively. Sometimes we didn’t play well. We also took a lot of cards. They are details, but they can make all the difference.

Antoine Kenna emphasized the importance of a flawless defense. “There is still room for improvement on the ball, but we have been very strong defensively. If we continue like this we can play a good tournament. We scored two goals on the field and that’s a good thing because the penalties weren’t great. We shouldn’t be too confident now. You don’t have to underestimate anyone, you have to drop all the stopping points in every match and stay focused.

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