Redevelopment of Hoornesplein at the end of 2021

At the end of this year the municipality of Katwijk will begin the redevelopment of the public space in Hornis Shopping Centre, Hornsplein. Alderman Knapp: “An important landmark. After a long period of consultation and cooperation, we can renovate and improve the Hoornesplein. This is fun for the locals, but certainly for shop owners and visitors as well.”

The final design was created with the help of a grilling panel group made up of shopkeepers, realtors, local residents, a delegation from the District Council and the Disability Policy Platform. The plan is also part of the “Hoornes, Moving Together” project. In “Hoornes, In Motion Together,” 11 parties from the region work together on the region’s future. From church to school and from Welzijnskwartier to the shopkeepers’ association. They all have one goal: to jointly develop the neighborhood in the coming years into a fun, safe and active place to live, work, reside and do business.

space for creativity
Preparatory work will start this year. This is a nice addition to the previous expansion of Albert Heijn and other future improvements to the retailers in the shopping district. In addition to Hoornesplein, the portion from Piersonstraat to Hoorneslaan will also be included in the redevelopment by the municipality. Here comes the new pier.

Space for cyclists, pedestrians, green spaces and sustainability
The four current charging points for electric vehicles will be preserved. It is preferable to place new charging points in the neighborhood, close to users. The car park is for short-term visitors. In addition, there will be more attention and space for cyclists and pedestrians soon. Special bicycle parking spaces and safe paths will be created here. The sidewalk will be expanded along the facades, making it more pleasant and safe for pedestrians to walk to and from the shopping center. Trees of poor quality and life expectancy are cut down. This will be replaced by new green spaces and more. A green plan has been developed for this.

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