Redfall is given an interactive adventure

Bethesda was on to something Take Back Redfall: The Interactive Adventure Name, and it looks like it. It’s an interactive game that serves as a precursor to their upcoming Redfall title (launching May 2 for PC and Xbox Series S/X).

The aim of the game is to create excitement and excitement around a vampire-filled adventure, and by completing it and submitting your score, you’ll stand a chance to win a custom Xbox Series X with an eye-catching design inspired by the characters and setting. game. Go this way If you want to try it, the first question you need to answer is:

“After filling the Basswood safehouse with supplies, you see Bellwether agents patrolling the area. They’re not vampires, but they’re not friends either. What’s the plan, Lyla?”

Athletes who are legal citizens of these countries Eligibility Win Xbox Series X; “United States or the District of Columbia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom”. Try the game for a chance to win an exclusive custom console while having fun?

Red Fall

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