Reek, Shizuk and Zeeland will receive neighborhood side pens

Written by Paul Verstegen Arinalogol.Nl

LONDERT – Various neighborhood benches have recently been placed in Reek, Skyzk and Zeeland. The idea behind this is that if you go for a walk or meet each other, you can chat with each other on such a bench. Many new and existing benches have a question that you can answer yourself or together; Title for conversation. Festive inauguration Thursday, May 6th. Enthusiasts are invited to walk on and have a good chat.

10am, 11am, 2pm and 3pm at each center. A group of up to four participants will begin to walk with several neighboring benches. The tour varies from 1.5 to a maximum of 3 kilometers. Along the way, time is taken to the ‘neighborhood side’ while enjoying something delicious.

Sign up
Advance registration is required due to limited availability. If you would like to join us for a walk by Tuesday, May 4th, let us know at any time. Are you in a wheelchair? Register your supervisor as well. The starting point in the Reek is at Head Vapon. Register at Lies Wijtmans ([email protected] or 06-52675345) for this. Starting place is Shijk de Phoenix. Register with Ricky Van Brock ([email protected] or 06-25240105). The starting point in Zeeland is Francescoof. Register with Ricky Vaughn ([email protected] or 06-44511822).

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