Referee 202106284/1/R4 – Council of State

Temporary housing for homeowners in Haarlem

Statement on the environmental permit granted by the Haarlem Municipal Executive for 162 temporary homes and cultural and social spaces in Dijkzichtlaan near Delftplein. It relates to a ten-year permit for residence holders. The Administrative Judicial Department of the State Council issued a ruling on this case in 2019. At that time, it concerned environmental permitting for 160 temporary homes and four cultural and social venues. In this case, the initiator and the municipal council appealed to the Administrative Judicial Department against a ruling of the Noord-Holland District Court. In this ruling, the court ruled that the municipal council should have followed a so-called wide-ranging procedure. So the court ordered the municipal council to take a new decision. The Administrative Judicial Department confirmed this in its decision of September 4, 2019. The houses had already been built at that time. In June 2021, the Municipal Council again granted an environmental permit. The building plan has been changed compared to the original implementation; For example, a number of cultural and social areas have been scrapped to make room for two new homes. A number of local residents do not agree with the new environmental permit and have filed an appeal against it with the Administrative Judicial Department. They have raised objections about the consequences of the construction plan on parking pressure, traffic safety and the quality of life in the area. The Administrative Judicial Department heard the case on September 5, 2022.

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