Rehau NV | Synego Slide allows for architectural freedom

SEE, FEEL AND EXPERIENCE The spacious sliding systems combine the freedom of design with a pleasant living environment. It enables and shapes contemporary architecture. Large glass elements act as an organic connection between the interior and the exterior – like windows or doors.

Architects and planners benefit directly from this, as these systems form the ideal basis for modern architectural choices and new room and living concepts. Windows and doors that open parallel to the wall provide an ideal technical basis for this. Be inspired by the flexibility and added value of windows and sliding doors made with the SYNEGO SLIDE profile system.

SYNEGO SLIDE more than meets the highest requirements in terms of aesthetics and design freedom. The KALEIDO COLOR range offers more than 400 combination options in terms of colors and surfaces – entirely according to individual desires and ideas. Optionally, the all-around armored trim provides a flawless and even look, just like the aluminum (exterior) offerings.

Technology and trend-setting expertise through experience lay the foundation for tightness, flexibility, operating comfort, safety (SKG2) and, above all, durability. In this regard, for example, the universal seal and the innovative closing mechanism work perfectly together and provide extremely tight control in all weather conditions, excellent insulation values ​​and pleasant sound insulation.

Elements up to 4 x 2.6 m in size not only fit harmoniously into the design of the room, but also contribute to a pleasant feeling of living with the high comfort of sliding when opening and closing. That good feeling remains, no matter where the residents are. Because they have the certainty that REHAU solutions achieve a resistance class of up to SKG2 (RC2).

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REHAU generally considers sustainability a key feature in its solutions. This is based on the idea of ​​sustainability. For REHAU, this is a belief and commitment that stem from a sense of responsibility towards future generations. Plastic profiles with the EcoPuls product label already contain up to 75 percent recycled materials and represent a positive environmental footprint. Sustainability is an effective contribution to the life of tomorrow. SYNEGO SLIDE windows and doors combine this attitude in a unique way with the freedom of design and a pleasant living environment.

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