Releasing a man after “attempted murder” For example: “caustic” turns out to be urine abroad

That reports the Prosecutor of West Flanders, Bruges Chamber. On Thursday, the 45-year-old was said to have thrown a “caustic” substance into the face of a 43-year-old woman at the entrance to a school gate in Flemish West Cappelle. It was not clear at the time what exact material it was.

The suspect and the victim have been separated for a while, writes Het Nieuwsblad. According to the arrival arrangement, the man sees his son every weekend. But at the end of this week he did not take the boy from his mother. So the man decided to wait for her at the school where the victim was to drop her son. The victim was only slightly injured in the accident.

The suspect has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He must appear in front of the Bruges Council room on Tuesday morning, but it won’t go that far, now that the origin of the questioner is known.

After all, an examination of the used product showed that there is no corrosive substance. It would be urine, as the man himself said right away. When it became clear to everyone, the investigative judge released the man on Monday.

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