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December Coach News

Pim Bruins is the successor to Harrow Hazelor, the second division Ostkabelle / Domberg coach. The Bruins are still active on SSV’65 in Goa, but will be out there next summer.

Perry Snoop from Brunei will be the new coach of the fourth division team Smerdick. Snoop is still working at Newtorb, but will leave the Bowland club after a season.

Soufian Dooms and fourth division team Breskens have agreed to a contract extension. Dooms will start his fourth season at the club next summer.

Ronnie Trezoni stays with Sluice, the fourth division team. The coaching club is divided into ten seasons, two seasons.

Siki Leist will start working at SDO’63 next summer in Lamsward, where he previously worked. He is the successor to Johnny Merks in the fourth division on Sunday.

Eric Vanhijfte Graauw will continue to work with a fourth-grader on Sunday. Vanhijfte is now in his second season with the club.

Zaamslag has extended his contract with Belgian coach Ives Vandriesche for one season. Despite the disappointing performance of the third division team on Saturday, it still looks forward. Wandrisse is in his first season with the club, which finished last in Class 3A.

Fourth Division team Brewershaven have found a successor to Danny Sandoval, who will leave later this season. Marcel Verschur, of Newwerk, is currently the assistant coach at Dowland and will be in charge of the team from next summer. Versatile (26) made his debut as head coach at the Standard Tournament.

Marino Duque will be the new Corn Boys coach from next season. Duke and the fourth division team enter into a three-year contract on Sunday. Duke is the heir apparent to John Moss, who left for Vocalward.

Rohan de Cuse will be the coach of SSV’65 next year. Goss is de Pius, the heir to the Pim Bruins in the second division. De Cues comes from Dowland where he has ruled for four seasons. In 2019 in 4th grade De Cues and Dowland became champions.

Jesse de Wall will be Stein’s new coach from next season. At 28, he can call himself one of Zeland’s youngest coaches of amateur football. De Wall has already worked with current head coach Marco van Villerberg this year, but will be able to do it all himself next season.

Danny Sandovell will be the new coach of the DwO’15 fourth division team. He wins after the outgoing Arjun junction. Sandövel is currently in his fourth year at Brouwershaven.

Wemeldinge and John Tahapary stick to it for one more year. Goss’s coach will go on to his third season as coach of the fourth division.

At Vogelwaarde, Johnny Moss of Terneuzen will be ahead of the player team next season. Moss came from the Corn Boys and is the heir to Patrick Bott.

Mario de Fouw will coach at Clinge next year. This is his third season with the Zeland-Flemish Club for the Ternos natives.

Value has chosen to pursue another season with Jeroen Bakx. Bakx works for his first club and is now in his second year in the fourth division.

Huib and Aloys Meerman will be VCK’s coaches next year. The father and son continue to coach the third division team from Gauteng for the third season in a row.

Mario Vermeersen is with HVV’24. The coach is currently working on the best second season in Hulst. The club entered the winter break as head of Division 3A.

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