Rene van der Gijb laughs at Gordon’s split

In recent weeks, the showbiz-loving Netherlands has been in turmoil over the breakup of Gordon and Kevin Rosario, who is 24 years her junior. Bee Inside today, and especially René van der Gijp, who find that media attention a bit exaggerated. “I don’t think anyone cares.”

In case you miraculously missed it all: The singer was going to marry Rozario, but the engagement didn’t last long. Gordon said on Instagram that he was “emotionally and mentally broken.” After four months of intensive contact, she left that she and Rosario were no longer in touch and felt “like someone dying.”

personally Today opens with an eight-page interview with Rozario. The Australian says she broke off her short-lived engagement to Gordon because she couldn’t handle the singer and presenter’s mood. “One minute he’s totally flattering you, the next minute he’s totally tearing you down and insulting you to the bone,” she said. Gordon’s addiction would have reared its head again.

Today Inside discusses Gordon’s breakup

The split has been widely reported in the media. So it came Show messages Yesterday with a new twist: Rosario may not have worked at a Burberry store in Melbourne since February, something Gordon said. The news came on a recent episode of host Wilfred Genie Inside today On that day. “Oh my god,” says Rene van der Gijb. “Yes, are you shocked to hear that too? “It’s unbelievable,” said Genie. “Of course these are problems,” says van der Gijb sarcastically.

The happy analyst marvels at the attention paid to the break-up. “Then you have that Aran song RTL Boulevard. It’s put in there.” Johan Derksen stands in for Bade. “That’s a nice guy, you know.” Van der Gijb continues, undeterred. “He’s in the Gordon 24 hours a day.” “He sits in the Gordon more than I do,” jokes Derksen.

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Van der Gijb: ‘Make it big on RTL Boulevard’

According to van der Gijb, Bate takes it very seriously. “He wags his tail every night BoulevardSo glad he’s here. He’s in touch with everyone, isn’t he? With Gavin. With Gavin’s younger sister. With Gordon and Gordon’s sister. Both of them are sad because of this. So you know”, he laughs. “She has what I like best RTL Boulevard Make it really big. I don’t think anyone cares.” But van der Gijb can enjoy it again.

Jeanie also sees the humor in it. “Even Evert Sandecots, he says seriously: ‘We put our whole editorial staff on it. Gavin doesn’t work at Burberry.'” Derksen: “They see it as genuine at first. But I think everyone is so tired of Gordon, nobody gives a minute less than that. Won’t sleep. Van der Gijp: “That’s why it’s so good when you see that Aran Bade. He’s literally saying: ‘Bring it to New Zealand, Australia and America.’ It’s really about something. And it’s about nothing. It’s cool to watch, and all that nonsense.”

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Rene van der Gijb laughs at Gordon’s split: ‘It’s not about anything’

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