Renier de Kooning calls out to the members of KVGO: Read and think carefully

During KVGO’s digital AV programme, Rainier de Kooning, the Employers’ delegation’s lead negotiator, gave insight into the collective labor agreement process to date. Take the opportunity to invite the members of KVGO to continue to follow it with interest and interest.

the beginning

A delegation of employers began in mid-September to gather the network of fans. A meeting was organized in Amersfoort for this, which provided very useful information. The delegation then addressed this in a letter of proposal. Meanwhile, an informal meeting was held with the unions. It was not only to get to know the new negotiator of the De Unie Guild, but also to find out what they might find important.

The first formal session with the unions: exchange of letters of proposal

The first collective labor agreement meeting took place on November 30 and was entirely digital. During these consultations, trade unions were given ample opportunity to explain their point of view and to propose amendments to the Collective Labor Agreement. Employers, in turn, take time for their point of view. “It is very useful for mutual understanding to discuss this in this way,” says Rainier de Kooning.

Employer’s perspective

As the title of our letter of proposal indicates, we are in the middle of the payback phase with respect to employers. Many charting companies have survived the recent crisis, but the question is how. Regulations such as NOW, TVL, and tax deferrals offered fiscal scope. If the loss of the turnover is not serious enough, then part of the tax must be paid now, and the tax must also be paid. So the companies are in debt. In addition, due to disruptions in the production and distribution chain, materials have become – to a large extent – more expensive and it is certainly not always possible to transport them. The result is a margin loss. The volume of shifts seems to be growing again, but it is still far from the 2019 level. Then we also have inflation, partly due to higher energy prices. So there is not much room for a wage increase.

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Important topics also include employee training and retention, health and vitality.

housekeeping book

During the consultation on November 30, it became clear that employers and employees have one thing in common: the housekeeping book is under stress. What applies to employees also applies to employers. Reinier de Koning: “We understand that inflation means you can buy less for your money, as is wage growth, which was limited in 2021. However, we as employers will not be able to solve that. What is also becoming clear is that employers and unions are looking differently at the path we must take to recover. The distance is great and it will not be easy. “If we can continue to have well-founded and respectful conversations with each other, I am confident of a good end result,” concluded Rainier de Kooning.


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