Renovation begins in and around central Amsterdam at Dijksgracht

Posted on September 19, 2022

Today the official green light has been given for a comprehensive renovation in and near Amsterdam Central Station. Foreign Minister Vivien Heijn put on her construction helmet and her safety shoes to move the first mound of sand with an excavator on Dijksgracht in Amsterdam. Through this symbolic act, she gave the starting signal for the construction of the project to make room more for trains, cargo and passengers.

complex path

Foreign Minister Vivian Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Department): “We have one of the most used and complex rail networks in the world. You can clearly see this complexity in Amsterdam. It is literally fitting and measured to achieve our ambitions around Central Station. More travelers and trains can use Amsterdam. Central when everything is ready. It is important that we engage with the railway around central Amsterdam now, because the forecast shows that the number of passengers will increase in the long term. By investing now, we ensure that we are ready for the future.”

careful preparation

It took ten years to prepare for construction. Years of research, study, design and preparation. The big questions were: How do we handle the expected growth of 30% more passengers and 50% more freight? How will we expand the space in and around Amsterdam Central Station? What will the environment observe and how can we ensure that travelers can continue to use the terminal safely during the construction period?

Mirjam van Velthuizen (CFO of ProRail): “It’s a complex puzzle. There is little space to build, so we have to be very smart and innovative. It’s great to see how many parties are committed to that. So we jointly assume that the realization of this project will mean a lot to the railways in Tomorrow: More trains, more passengers, more freight. Because sustainable travel is the future.”

What do we do now?

The construction of the free crossing at the old installation site in Dijksgracht is the first construction project to start. The site has already been completely cleaned of tracks, switches, signals and overhead wires. There will be not only paths, but also a lot of greenery. When the crossing is there, the trains no longer have to wait for each other. This will allow more trains to enter and exit the station.

Tjalling Smit, a member of the NS Board of Directors, stated that Amsterdam is a critical link in the railway network in the Netherlands: “There is an urgent need for this large-scale renovation of the railways in light of the expected future growth in the number of commuter trains. This will allow NS to operate more trains Giving our passengers more space in the terminal with additional facilities.”

What will we do next?

The central station will also be radically renovated from the end of 2023. For example, there will be a bicycle shed for approximately 9,000 bikes, a new east tunnel with shops, platforms will be expanded and expanded, and the tracks will be renovated. The five railway bridges east of Amsterdam Central Station will be replaced. Preparations are now in full swing. in This short film We say what we will do and when. The renewal will continue until at least 2030.

Regeneration is also important for the city of Amsterdam, says Alderman Melanie van der Horst: “The growth of the city also means more travelers. Good train connections help us reduce car and air traffic, and the station and railways are now adapted to this. In addition, I would like Consider the concerns of those who live near the track with ProRail, by making agreements about reducing noise pollution and greening the environment around the track.”

High Frequency Rail Transit (PHS) Program

Projects in Amsterdam are part of the comprehensive PHS programme. Through this we can achieve the expected growth in the number of passengers and freight across the country. ProRail performs PHS services with partners and carriers on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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