Reporting of public places is easier with the Slim Report Waterland app

Waterland – Reporting in public places is now easier thanks to the easy-to-use Slim Report Waterland app.

A broken street lamp, crooked sidewalk tiles, or a broken underground container. All situations you may have already encountered as a resident. Previously, you might have reported this over the phone or via the website, but recently this has gotten much easier via the app.

Public Media Space

The Smart Reporting Waterland app sends your report directly to the correct department based on the type of report. Smart reports on the map show what is actually reported in the area, so you know exactly what is going on in the area. The lampposts are indicated with an icon on the map, so you can easily see which lamppost you want to report.

Easy and fast.

You can click anywhere on the map and give all kinds of notifications. Smart reports help you easily through all steps. You can add photos and description to your report, and if you wish, leave your personal data for any questions and message about handling the report.

When a municipality employee has dealt with your report, you will receive an update via email. With the “smart reports” feature, you can ensure that your report has been properly and comprehensively registered with the municipality. Of course, it is also possible to report reports over the phone or via the website.

The application can be downloaded for free via file App Store From Play Store.

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