Republicans in the House of Representatives are probing the Judiciary

Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to launch an investigation into the Justice Department, the FBI and other federal agencies, Reuters news agency reported. According to Republicans, there is a “politicization of the federal government by President Joe Biden.”

Officials will be far along in their investigations into the January 6, 2021 Capitol storm and then-President Donald Trump’s role in it. In particular, the search of Trump’s private resort Mar-a-Lago, where the FBI was looking for classified documents, crossed many Republicans.

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Republicans announced they would investigate before last November’s midterm elections, and now that they have a narrow majority in the House, they will indeed do so. The yet-to-be-established investigative committee will also investigate allegations that the Biden administration is pressuring social media and tech companies to censor comments that oppose White House policies.

Democrats talk about a partisan inquiry and worry that it focuses on “pending criminal investigations.” Representative Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat, tells Reuters it violates the separation of powers and is therefore “very dangerous.”

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