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The investigation into the cross-border behavior of former Ajax technical director Marc Overmars is not progressing. The women do not appear to be reporting, Overmars does not want to speak at the moment and Ajax is not cooperating according to the Institute of Sports Law (ISR). Even reports NOS

According to NOS, the ISR is very concerned about the Marc Overmars case. Various parties involved in the case describe the current situation as hopeless. The Department of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) has also been informed of this and the KNVB has been asked to mediate with Ajax.

The Amsterdam Football Club has left little information to the Court of Sports. According to ISR, that information was not much more than the press release the club sent in February about the Overmars’ departure. “This has become a stomachache file. We have no way of force to force people to cooperate. As a result, our attorney general is hitting the wall,” ISR president Dick Van Steenbeek told the broadcaster.

In addition to Ajax’s lack of cooperation, there were no reports from the women. It is not clear why they were not informed. Overmars himself hasn’t been spoken to in the past three months either. According to the ISR, this was attempted through his attorney, but he has yet to respond to requests to tell his side of the story.

pictures of his genitals

The technical director of Ajax crossed the border and sent, among other things, pictures of his genitals to the club’s female staff. Overmars left it effective immediately at the beginning of February, shortly after he was reappointed at an extraordinary meeting and extended it until mid-2026. Overmars, passing through the dust, said.

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The Overmars wasn’t the only one who lost his credibility. Norwegian Refugee Council He wrote that “the external investigation commissioned by Ajax shows that assistant coach Winston Bogard has maneuvered himself and the club is in a vulnerable position.” The club issued a statement. The first court, the Institute of Sports Law (ISR), dropped the case. In addition, the ISR determined that the relationship between the reporter and the Ajax employee originated outside the sport and should be considered a private matter. Bogard remained in office.

opportunistic behavior

A report released by a research agency following the departure of Overmars showed that Ajax wants to create a safer working environment for all club staff. After learning of the report, Ajax said: “The investigation revealed that a number of women within Ajax encountered undesirable behaviour.” “This ranges from bad jokes, degrading or hurtful comments, unwanted arm around the shoulder and other intrusive behavior.”

Ajax also confirmed that no women had lodged a complaint. , but they report it, because they’re clearly bothered by it. All reporters report that they find it difficult to raise undesirable behavior with confidential advisors or within the organization because they fear repercussions.”

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