Research Mastercard: “Movies have a profound impact on personal attitudes”

Movies can have a profound effect on personal situations. This came according to a survey conducted by Mastercard on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, based on a survey of 1,000 UK consumers.

“The power of cinematic sound has been clearly demonstrated,” he says. Researchers Commenting on the results of the study.

Look at the world

The survey found that 42 percent of respondents feel that films have changed their view of the world. It also found that 77 percent believe that films have changed their view on cultural issues and influenced their views on key issues such as climate change (41 percent), racial equality (39 percent), and women’s rights (22 percent).

Researchers found that in the post-pandemic UK, people spend more than 186 hours – 7.5 days – a year at the cinema or watching movies at home on TV.

It was also reported that 39% of consumers say they care more about cinema now than they did before the pandemic, while 61% acknowledge that they value experiences like going to the movies more than physical possessions.

The survey showed that 88 percent of those surveyed watch movies Primarily as entertainment But other motives, such as getting inspired (34 percent), processing life lessons (30 percent) or keeping up with global affairs and trends (24 percent), are often mentioned.

53 percent admit it too I learned more through the power of film About a social problem that people were not aware of before. In addition, 26% said they supported a social cause after watching a film on the subject. Furthermore, 45 percent claim they leave the cinema more inspired than when they entered. An equally large group believes that film has a greater impact than books in conveying important messages.

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There is no doubt that movies have been around for over a hundred years People’s attitudes towards the world around them said film historian Ian Christie, commenting on the study.

This is especially true of the world outside of their direct experience. This influence has been controversial at times, but it has also been real and often pervasive compared to the influence of other media. Most of the time, this influence was helpful, supportive, and encouraging as well. Moreover, the medium often simultaneously created a greater awareness of a different way of life.”

“When we look back on a movie like”Philadelphia“It turns out that the production had a clear educational impact and helped remove the stigma around AIDS,” Christie explained. “”Black Pantheris another example of a movie that had a huge impact on the world. Such products will change the attitudes of future generations.”


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