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Title: Lingering Symptoms Similar to Long COVID Observed After Common Cold

Baltimore, MD – In a recent survey involving over 10,000 participants, researchers have found that individuals may experience persistent symptoms resembling long COVID even after a common cold. The phenomenon has been coined as the “long cold” and suggests that both COVID-19 and other respiratory infections can lead to a wide range of lingering symptoms lasting for more than four weeks.

The symptoms associated with the “long cold” include fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, dizziness, trouble focusing, memory issues, gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, taste and smell abnormalities, hair loss, excessive sweating, and a racing heart. These symptoms often persist beyond the typical duration of a common cold, leading researchers to investigate underlying causes.

The study proposes that inflammation resulting from the initial infection could be responsible for the lingering symptoms observed in individuals. Although similar to long COVID, medical professionals urge caution when comparing the “long cold” as the severity and impact on daily life differ significantly.

Currently, treatment for the “long cold” primarily focuses on self-care measures. Experts recommend individuals to rest, stay hydrated, and engage in gentle exercise to reduce symptoms. However, should symptoms worsen or if there are signs of pneumonia or other complicating infections, seeking medical assistance is advised.

The findings emphasize the necessity for further research and understanding of the long-term effects of respiratory illnesses. By shedding light on the persistence of symptoms after a common cold, scientists hope to uncover mechanisms that could contribute to developing targeted therapies for both long COVID and the “long cold.”

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As research on respiratory illnesses and their long-lasting impact continues to evolve, individuals are encouraged to remain vigilant and consult medical professionals for appropriate guidance. The new survey demonstrates the importance of recognizing and addressing lingering symptoms to promote overall health and wellness.

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