Researchers show what people will look like in the year 3000

Excessive hardware

After extensive research, Toll Free Forwarding has expressed concern about the overuse of technological devices and wants to use designs to show how technology affects our bodies. “We took scientific research and expert advice on the subject before using a 3D designer to create a futuristic object whose body has been physically altered as a result of the consistent use of smartphones, laptops, and other technologies.”the company said in a permit.


The company collaborated with Dr. Nikola Djordjevic from Med Alert Help. He emphasized that some of the behaviors that people take to control technological devices have a significant impact on the physical development of the body. “The way we hold our phones can create tension in some of the connection points with our nerves, known as cubital tunnel syndrome. Our hands will become more and more claw-shaped after years of constantly holding our smartphones in this way.”

Elbow, back arched

According to Dr. Djordjevic, people will also have a “smartphone facility” in the future. “If people continued to use their phones in their usual position for 800 years, the arm would increasingly grow to a 90-degree position.” Furthermore, the model shows that the combination of looking down on our smartphones and looking at computer screens results in a hunched-back position.

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