Reshma Mangre Calls For A 300 SAR Incentive For Teachers – Dagblad Suriname

On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education met with Secretary Mary Levins, during which concerns about education were discussed. Association member Reshma Manager (VHP) has submitted a proposal to give total education teachers an incentive of SAR 300 to promote online education. “Nurses / caregivers are now given 250 SAR to 300 SAR because they work overtime under the satisfactory conditions. When teachers also receive 300 SAR per month, they can buy their own data and thus start education faster and better. At the same time, it is also an incentive. Now for teachers to go the extra mile. Now they all have to go into their own pockets for online education, and they’ve done it for 6 months. How long can they keep this going? ”Manger confirms to Dagblad Suriname.

Manger has yet to receive a response from the minister on the matter. If only the teachers had access to the Internet and the students did not, then the problem was clearly not resolved. On this matter, Manger says, TCT should be structurally collaborating with Minowc to make cheap data available to parents, students and teachers. This way, no one is left behind. It also mentioned that teachers also need the Internet to work on the topic and compile educational materials through, for example, videos. Mangri believes it is important to define the topic. “Once the boundaries are demarcated, all schools know what topic needs to be completed. This creates a kind of uniformity.”

Currently, the Ministry of Education has identified the glo topic, and the topic of voj and vos has yet to be pursued. According to Manger, curriculum demarcation is crucial for schools to be restarted. She notes that despite Secretary Levins’ announcement that distance education will start on January 8th, there is still no television and radio in the school. It was not clear when the ministry would be ready. The minister has not answered all of our questions, but says she will take comments from us. So we still have to wait and see, ”Manger says.

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