Residents and designers came up with the interpretation of the ring zone: “Space … (Antwerp)

Residents and designers arrive at the ring area:

Residents of Loshtpal and Mercsim, along with students from the School of Design Sciences, examine a tentative interpretation of the ring area.
Photo: IDW

Antwerp –

Residents of Luchtbal and Merksem and students of the University of Antwerp’s School of Design Sciences spent a week pondering a tentative interpretation of the area along the cove.

They call it “The Present Time Festival” and it was organized last week for the second time in several years. Before that, the edges along the loop will still be largely unused.

“During and after the construction of the Oosterweel Link, large portions of the ring will also be covered. Together with locals from the Luchtbal and Merksem districts, we considered the temporary use of roadside and future plazas along the cordon,” says project leader Nele Simons.

Together with the locals, the students went in search of a way to connect people in the affected neighborhoods. “Temporary backfilling in yards and along the yards can play a role. The question at the start of the project week was whether we would wait ten years for the roof to be ready, or are we using this space meaningfully in the meantime?”

The results of the project week are presented in a small circle. “We hope Lantis, Oosterweel’s Communications Manager, is happy with our plan to temporarily fill the free space. In that case, they can always connect to the knowledge and insights we’ve gathered,” says Neil Simmons.

The designs and ideas of the project group can be found on the School of Design Science website and on its Instagram page.

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