Residents unhappy with Florapark-Westeinde’s plans: “And the whole neighborhood is with me”

The municipalities of Enkhuizen and Stede Broec are expecting more than 100 interested parties this evening, during a meeting on the development of the Florapark-Westeinde plan. In times of shortages in Enkhuizen and Bovenkarspel, this should lead to hundreds of new homes. But not everyone is waiting for this.

Housing plans for Florapark-Westeinde have been around for years. To the south of Westeinde in Enkhuizen and Hoofdstraat in Bovenkarspel, several hundred new homes will be built, both for sale and for rent. In addition, seed improvement company Incotec wants to expand and is looking for short-term space for 100 to 150 temporary homes.

Erik van der Kuil lives and works in Westeinde in Enkhuizen. He’s not entirely happy with the plans, though it’s not yet clear what exactly they will look like. “I don’t like it at all,” he says. “And the whole neighborhood is with me. I’ve been living here since 2002, precisely because of the space around our house. Not much of that remains, I’m afraid.”

Enkhuizen is full

He also believes that Enkhuizen is full: “If Stede Broec wants to build if necessary, do it there. Why here, for example, not near De Kloet in Grootebroek? There is enough space there and no strip development. But here is the land beautiful and cheap And there are a few cultivators to buy. I think that plays a role.”

Van der Koel calculates. “There is talk of 600 homes in total. That also means an additional 800 cars. Where should they go? Not about Westeinde, I hope.”

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9 Ton Houses

Myrna Bos has lived in Bovenkarspiel for the past two years, where she runs a bed and breakfast. “I must say that I was initially shocked by the plans. But I also understand that housing is needed so that people can live in it. I have no problem with permanent housing, for example designated for social housing. Nine tons, which no one will not reach Anywhere with that.”

On Tuesday evening, local residents and businesses will be informed about the operation and questions can be asked. “There are still many choices to be made,” the invitation says. The evening begins at 7.30pm at Vereenigingsgebouw De Tuf in Bovenkarspel.

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