Resignation of Mayor Eggsden Margraten – local administration

According to him, Ackerman decided to make his position available “with the pain of my heart.” The reason is growing criticism of his personal role in the protracted case surrounding IKL Landscape Director, which previously settled the political fate of the Limburg County Executive and Governor Theo Bovins.

Akkermans is not only the mayor but also the chair of the supervisory board of the IKL. He is accused of giving a lot of space to former IKL director Hermann Frienne. Vrehen, a former MP on behalf of the CDA, was recently fired after he posted to NRC that he was going to divert tons of regional subsidies into his own companies.

“Debate over IKL hinders discussion about Eijsden-Margraten’s future,” Akkermans said in a touching speech to the city council. Attitudes tighten and rule. A picture does not deserve this advice.

Akkermans says he ended up in an impossible dilemma as mayor. He said, “There is no room for finding the truth.”

At the same time, he hinted that the IKL Supervisory Board might file a complaint against Vrehen if there was reason to do so after a thorough investigation. The Supervisory Board has mandated itself to conduct such an investigation.

The opposition in Eggsden-Margraten city council had wanted to hold an interrogation debate on Tuesday about Ackerman’s position. The CDA announced before the council meeting that it had questions about Ackerman’s actions. The mayor did not wait for this debate but rather drew his conclusions.

no arguing

Discussion did not take place anyway. After the departure of the Akkermans, the CDA finally turned against such a debate about integrity on formal grounds. Partly because the municipality has integrity regulations that make a debate about integrity unnecessary, and questions like this should have been announced in advance. Ostensibly the entire opposition then left the council hall. (ANP)

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