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RIJSSEN – Alex Jansen of Rijssen is holding a new international road racing motocross side road championship this year. He has been active as a sidecar promoter for many years and now has the motorsports federations gathering competitions for a new title battle.

In the past, 47-year-old Janssen often went out with his father Bert, who was a sports reporter for RTV Oost. This is how you got to know the world of motorsports. Although he does not have his own motorcycle, not even a motorcycle license, for many years he has been active in organizing competitions. Like the annual Ducati Club race at Assen. And so now comes a new side-mounted motorcycle race, a venue that specializes in motorsports.

into oblivion

“The Sidecar race has been somewhat forgotten by the public. Everyone knows the heyday of its heyday with Egbert Struer and Bernhard Schneider, who has been crowned world champion several times. But you see it less and less now. Partly because the motorsport federation has linked the Dutch championship to the German IDM Championship. It was All those matches are far away, participation was expensive and at a high level. That made it difficult for young teams to get in. Then I started looking for a replacement.”


It’s incredibly amazing watching them drive around the track at full speed

Alex Jansen

He went on to speak with the organizers of street racing in Hengelo (Gld) and the motorcycle federations in the Netherlands and Belgium, among others. They were passionate about the Dutch association KNMV. The Belgians also wanted to participate. The KNMV discontinued the IDM program and accommodated competitions in the new tournament. The Belgians also added three races, creating a four-event racing calendar. We’re trying to get more.”

“Great sport”

Jansen is glad he made it. “Sidecar racing is a great sport. Engines are also called flying carpets. It is incredibly amazing to watch them drive around the track at full speed. I will definitely be there when they get back on track.”

The first race with fasting side cars As it is known internationally, on the 16th and 17th of April in Croix, France. The next Hengelo (Gld) will be on May 1, Assen at the end of May and Chimay in Belgium in July.

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