Responding to the verdict in the event of theft of 500,000 Saudi riyals at the police station

Image credit: imaginationkr8 rights Across Photopin (license)

“Justice has won. This puts an end to a period of baseless accusations,” District Commissioner Ricardo Bhola of Northeast Paramaribo told the International Commission of Inquiry at the District Commissioner’s Office. The mayor responds to the court ruling in the case that a A large amount of money was stolen in the office

The referee made it clear. The judge issued a verdict and those who committed a perfidious theft of state resources will have to face the consequences of their actions.” He said it was clear who the perpetrators were.

“All other allegations are far from the truth and cannot be proven. All baseless accusations and suggestions can be put in the trash. We are ending a dark period with this,” Paula said.

Recently, the District Commissioner’s Office underwent a public review. Special attention was given to the District’s Department of Finance and Planning (DFP). Changes have been made to further improve and improve the performance of the Supervisory Board. Efficient services and sustainable growth of Paramaribo are fundamental. This is done in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and Sports and other actors.

Persons guilty of spreading false and suggestive information are urged to refrain from doing so. The mayor’s call to “stay within the bounds of law and justice.” Calls for unity and cooperation with a common goal. Suriname development. Let’s work together to bridge crises and help each other more than ever. Above all, let us continue to pray and rebuild Mama Sranan together,” said District Commissioner Paula.

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