Response to a letter sent by an Alderman for Sustainability and Public Spaces in Wickblad Oder Amstel. † A weekly magazine for the oldest Amstel

Is sewer replacement really sustainable and does the councilman realize that the Rijksstraatweg in Duivendrecht will have to open again in 2023 to install fiberglass?

Dreshtje is known to the people of Duvendrecht who know a lot about the history of the village. Some have united at the Oud Duivendrecht Foundation. A few people allegedly welcomed Napoleon at the Eetcafé Lotgenoten, which had a different name and a different owner. This is a lifetime and therefore sustainable is Duivendrecht, Rijksstraatweg in particular.

Drechtje is also known by the residents of Duivendrecht, who are acutely aware of climate change. Two wrote an open letter in the weekly, “Climate Adaptation: Just Words or Deed too?” This letter prompted a local council member for Sustainability and Public Space to respond. During major maintenance work at Rijksstraatweg, the sewage system will be replaced by a separate system with a pipe for clean rainwater and a pipe for dirty water from the sanitary facilities and kitchens in the homes.

particularly sustainable?
Alderman makes it sound like something very special. He forgot to mention that 70% of Amsterdam’s wastewater was actually built this way. In this way, the wastewater treatment plants are less burdensome, because the clean part of the sewage is discharged into the surface water. It saves capacity and therefore money. Yes, Dreshtjee has noticed and knows the financial consequences of investment and exploitation. So much on the private side of the sewer.

logistic glass sheet
Drechtje has an eye and an ear for everyone. For example, I learned that after implementing this project that we should be proud of, Rijksstraatweg will reopen in 2023. This cannot be true! Believe it, said a resident of Rijksstraatweg. Only then will KPN have time to install the long-awaited fiber optic network. No one in the municipality has shown enough power to change the mind of the KPN? And therefore also more aware of the extra money that this costs again?

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Dreshtjee herself doesn’t need a fast internet to gather information, but she feels sorry for the residents of Rijksstraatweg, who will be in disarray again in 2023.

Ms. Heering, Chairman of the Board of Directors of St. Duivendrecht’s friends

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