Reunion MAFS Australia is not completely under control

This week, the former participants reunited, which brought together candidates from several seasons of the popular program. From the infamous Nasser, Troy and Ashley (Season 5) to Mike and Heidi (Season 6). But Joe, who took part in 2018, also later became unrecognizable. Putting all these weird types together, you have an evening full of eyes!

To begin with a positive note, Martha and Michael are still together. Now we have a good feeling with them, but still feel good. Martha thinks Season 6 is the best she has ever thought of herself. Troy and Ashley from the previous season are not together now, but Troy is only too happy to change it. The rest of the club encourages it, but Ashley is less enthusiastic.

Former rival Nasser spread after him MAFSAdventure has a lot of negatives about its fellow candidates, so he is not a positive center by any means. When he reunites and wants to explain himself to the group, Mike intervenes: “Nobody cares, dude. You talked about everyone in this room, sit down. No one needs to hear that.” The group then tells him to ‘please’ leave. So much for a comfortable environment.

Of course, Mike’s claims from Season 6 (“I’m not your therapist, this is not a therapist.”) Now, about two years later, he says he regrets his bizarre comments. Mike says he and Heidi are on break. In the same season, Jessica is also in charge of a little drama, and she says she regrets pulling the drain. But Cyril hasn’t cared much about it since the same season. Upon entering, Jess tried to greet her, but Cyril didn’t like it: “I didn’t wake up in the trash.” And so on. The tone is set.

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When Cyril then confronts Jesse with a statement (Cyril is said to be using his son for advertising), things go out of hand. At no point does Cyril throw a glass of wine in Jess’ face, and he leaves the room. When she returns after a while, the tune starts again and she gets another load of wine on top. Jess immediately ‘changed’.

On a positive note, we stick with Cyril: the friendship between him and Lizzie has been revived. They were good friends during the show, but after that the communication weakened. When Cyril gets emotional after the confrontation with Nasser and leaves the desk, Lizzie immediately offers a comforting hand. It goes in all directions during dinner. “You’re still my girl,” Lizzie says. Cyril: I missed you, Liz. I became a mother, we had a fight … I missed my girlfriend at the time.

The project was a huge success in the Netherlands as well. Although it does not apply to couples …

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