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4 starsIs there such a thing as Australian humor? If so, it’s a well-kept secret. Comedies from these regions rarely reach the rest of the world. A good search for streaming services pays off sometimes.


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Then you can watch very entertaining series like Wellmania. The adventures of culinary journalist Liv, a gorgeous rough, messy, and brutal character who has a knack for quarreling with everyone around her–family, colleagues, friends, and especially staff. She often realizes too late that she is making her life a mess.

Liv, played hilariously by comedian Celeste Barber, who is little known outside of Australia, just doesn’t meet the requirements that Hollywood would place on such a role. She is plump, wears special clothes, and has a sweet mouth. The latter results in heated dialogues, such as with a US Embassy employee who refuses to replace a lost visa certificate. The attending physician who has to assess her health gets all wind of it, including an unfortunate nod to Liv.

Wellmania mainly revolves around Liv’s attempts to maintain her physique and weight. She visits her brother’s fitness center, but it turns out to be a fiasco at first, as she keeps reaching for the bottle.

What is remarkable about the series is that despite her stubborn demeanor, Liv does not vomit because of her immediate environment. In fact, everyone loves her, but she puts that patience to the test.

Wellmania should not depend on the story. But especially from the colorful characters that appear. But the show is stolen by Liv, a woman he loves. Perhaps because her behavior is also known to many viewers.

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