Review GP Australia: Good morning again on Sunday GPFans, Ten Voorde and Alders et al

John Bolsher

Friday, March 31, 2023 2:20 PM – Last Updated: 12:09 PM

Good morning GP fans It returns this Sunday with live coverage at 09:30. This time not with a preview, but with an afterthought on the Australian Grand Prix.

After last season’s success Good morning GP fans Again this year with a major broadcast on the Sunday of multiple race weekends. While host Sebastian Kissing and various table guests usually preview the race, this time the broadcast will take place later. The Australian Grand Prix starts this Sunday at 07:00 Netherlands time. broadcast of Good morning GP fans Starts at 09:30 and can be watched live on our Youtube channel. So you can switch to afterthought directly after the race GP fans.

Good morning GPFans have a packed program once again

Like the last telecast, we have a packed show this Sunday too. Of course, there will be a comprehensive review of the race and race weekend in Melbourne. Former Asian F3 champion Joey Alders will provide the audience with razor-sharp analysis, assisted by GPFans editor Remi Ramjiavan. Also, Porsche driver Lok Hartog and GT3 driver Dan Bijl will be passing by on the broadcast, and you’ll once again have the chance to ask all your questions via live chat.

Watch the live action ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix below:

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